Press Release 22/01/16

Thebarton Theatre to Extend its Audience using Cutting Edge Technologies and Production Services for Live Streaming.

The Thebarton Theatre was officially opened on Monday June 11 1928 by the then Mayor and at the time was considered the premier venue for concerts, films and theatre performances.

Over the years Thebarton Theatre or Thebbie as it is affectionately known has maintained a special place in theatre goers and contemporary music lovers hearts as known stars connect with their audiences and stars in the making get a start to their music careers all in this eclectic 2,000 seat concert auditorium.

Thebbie is probably the most loved medium size venue in Australia, particularly by contemporary music bands. The list of performers who have played Thebbie is most impressive and the list continues to grow as Thebbie’s popularity explodes.

Theatre Manager and Co-owner Robbie Robertson said ….." we have nearly double the number of shows normally contracted for this coming year and we believe offering this service will excite many of our loyal promoters"…..

To maintain its place in the South Australian entertainment industry Thebarton Theatre is very pleased to announce a partnership with Inceptive Entertainment to deliver quality content in entertainment to a much wider audience.

Inceptive Entertainment is a Live Streaming enablement company, which provides production and broadcast opportunities for content creators via its network of venues across Australia.

By becoming an Inceptive Entertainment enabled venue, Thebarton Theatre can provide its clients with cutting edge technology and production services, to allow them to reach audiences never before offered in such venues.

Live Streaming is becoming more and more prominent, with content creators around the globe embracing the new way to reach audiences, promote their brand, and deliver more to their fans than ever thought possible.

Bob Lott, Director and Co-owner said….."The option to live-stream Susie Quatro’s last concert around the world or a concert of the band 1975 which sold out in a few days months ago or the Festival of Arts internationally famous Unsound programme are examples of what Thebbie Theatre and Inceptive Entertainment can now offer the world"…..

Inceptive Entertainment provides all production and broadcast services for Live Streaming, including all encoding and transcoding services, as well as the provision of customised broadcast platforms for the delivery of live content via any connected device. These platforms also provide payment gateways for Pay-Per-View and other monetisation opportunities.